Germany, Austria, Italy, Lichtenstein and Switzerland 2015 / by William Bryan

After finishing up my sophomore year at school I flew over to Germany to meet up with my mom. The trip was meant to be for R&R after the long hard winter in Boston but it turned out to be 10 days packed with travel. We drove from Germany down through Austria, into Italy, and back up to Germany through Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Austria. In Italy we stayed in Lago di Garda, and in Milan.

Check out springtime in Europe below.

My home base in Germany – Unterwössen.

Same mountains in Unterwössen, different exposure.

A view over looking Lago di Garda, the largest lake in Northern Italy’s lake region.

The edge of the lake. We took a ferry from here to another small town on the other side of the lake and explored for a day.

A view from the boat. The lake is rimmed with classic Italian villas.

The Duomo Cathedral in Milan.

While in Milan we stopped by the 2015 World Expo. The theme for this year’s expo was sustainable food and feeding a growing human population. My mom and I spent 12 hours exploring all of the pavilions and I still wanted to see more by the time we went home. The brightly lit “tree” on the right was a massive sculpture that was built at the expo. If you happen to be in Milan before the expo ends in October, I highly recommend going.

We decided to take the long way back from Milan to Germany by driving through Switzerland and Lichtenstein, I didn’t want to miss out on Swiss mountain roads and tunnels.

Just after crossing the border into Germany. The mountains in the distance are in Austria.

On my last full day in Europe my mom and I went on a nice long 15 mile hike up one of the mountains that surrounds Unterwössen. We walked right out the front door, up the street, and into the mountains.

The view from the top of the mountain. Unterwössen is made up of all the tiny brown dots at the bottom of the valley there.

Hiking in the Alps is amazing because nearly every mountain has a restaurant at the top. Beer and Speck Brot make a great snack at the top of the mountain before the hike back down.